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October 7, 2022

Wayne Doesn’t Get It

Kia Ora New Zealand.

We’re SPC. Your soon-to-be second favourite brand of canned fruit, tomatoes and baked beans.

And while Wayne, the SPC financial controller, has loudly expressed his opinion that SPC should be aiming to be New Zealand’s number one brand of canned fruit, tomatoes and baked beans, we calmly pointed out that second pick is not a bad effort.

Can’t really complain about it.

The world’s got bigger problems to solve than SPC being New Zealand’s number one can of peaches…Wayne. So at SPC, we’re content and looking forward to being your second favourite canned food brand very soon.

In a world where everyone wants to be number one, we’re all for the runner up. After-all, who doesn’t have a 2nd favourite.