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October 7, 2022

Kicking it all off

Who doesn’t love a homemade Spaghetti toastie? And it turns out that isn’t all a can of SPC Spaghetti is useful for!

New Zealand’s second favourite Barrett brother makes his with SPC, NZ’s soon-to-be second favourite canned Spaghetti.

Here’s a few tricks for creating the best Spaghetti toastie:


  • [ ] Butter or your favourite spread
  • [ ] Toast slice soft white bread
  • [ ] Toast slice multi grain bread
  • [ ] Canned spaghetti
  • [ ] Cheese slices


  • Mix your breads up – white and multigrain is delicious
  • Use the spread or butter on the outside for extra crunch
  • Cheese first and Spagetti in the middle

Making your toastie:

  1. Heat up jaffle (toasty) maker. Spread butter or your favourite spread onto bread.
  2. Place spread buttered side down into the maker. Top with spaghetti and cheese. Place on the lid and toast until golden brown