Introducing Helping humans, Australia’s new living sparkling water

Helping humans is Australia’s new range of living sparkling water with active botanicals – this range launches with a cause driven platform so consumers can drink good & do good.

Naturally sugar-free*, every can of Helping humans living sparkling water is made with delicious natural ingredients where over 42 days we slowly infuse and ferment botanicals with sparkling water to create a refreshing drink that is alive with benefits!

The range launches with three delicious flavours;

  • Lemon Lime Immunity (with echinacea and turmeric)
  • Berry Pomegranate Vitality (with ginseng and turmeric)
  • Ginger Focus (with ginkgo and guarana)
  • Passionfruit Uplift (with guarana and ginseng)

But that’s not all, every can of Helping humans gives back to the community with 10% of profits going to charity.

Every can includes a QR code for consumers to #ScantheCan to do good by selecting where they want the funds to support, putting the decision making in every drinker’s hand.

Consumers can choose one of eight Helping humans partner charities to support including; Headspace, The McGrath Foundation, Australian Gynaecological Cancer Foundation, Streetsmart, One Heart, Black Dog, Planet Ark and Ceres.

“Helping humans demonstrates the importance of delivering a refreshing better for you drink, made with the beneficial properties of nature’s ingredients whilst giving back to causes that our consumers care about” 

Helping humans will join SPC’s growing family of brands. For more information about Helping humans, visit our website at