SPC welcomes an even retail playing field with the introduction of Country of Origin Labelling

On July 1, SPC – a hundred-year-old Australian business – will finally have its moment in the spotlight when new Country of Origin Labelling (CoOL) regulations come into play.

When the mandatory date for the updated origin labelling requirements for food sold in Australia was announced on July 1 2016, the Australian Government gave businesses two years to change food labels to comply with the new law. The compulsory changes will now require companies to state on their products’ labels exactly where the goods are produced, grown, made or packed – as well as to communicate what percentage of the ingredients come from Australia.

“As an Australian company producing home-grown fruit and vegetables from Victoria’s Goulburn Valley, SPC welcomes the regulation changes,” says SPC GM Marketing and Innovation, Simone Coté.

As well as making it easier for consumers to reach for Australian produce, these new changes signify a levelling of the playing field for Australian producers as well as provide additional support for farmers, local production and jobs.

“SPC supports the transparency these regulations bring, with Australians often mislead by the impression that certain packaged products are Australian, when in fact they’re not. We encourage people to look for this new bar coding system which signifies the percentage of Australian ingredients in their products, helping them make informed decisions when shopping for themselves and their families,” Ms Coté continues.

Throughout SPC’s 100-year history, the brand has stood by its Australian growers who produce some of the cleanest, greenest and safest food in the world. When these regulations were first mooted by the Federal Government in 2016, SPC were already committed to showcasing their product origins – with the release of new labels across its brands and an accompanying social media campaign.

The campaign #myfamilycan used six real-life Victorian farming families to showcase to consumers the real faces and origins of their beloved Aussie SPC favourites.

“SPC encourages Australians to buy local and support our Aussie farmers who are striving to produce the best products possible for families nation-wide,” concludes Coté.

Australians will be able to see the full SPC range of products with Country of Origin labelling standards from July 1 2018.


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