3 Childproof Bento Lunch Boxes

Are you bored of your current work or school lunches? It’s easy to get uninspired when you stick to packing the standard sandwich + veg + fruit + snack formula. 

A great way to inject some excitement into lunches is to try bento-style lunchboxes – the separate compartments allow room for a multitude of snacks and treats, while keeping portions under control (and for fussy eaters, keeps different foods from touching!)

So, if you’re after some lunchbox inspiration, look no further than these delicious bento-style lunches.

Pasta salad bento box

Arguably one of the best things about bento boxes is that you can pack or repurpose leftover dinners or snacks for your weekday lunches. Try creating a wholemeal pesto pasta salad created with leftover vegetables and proteins or a can of tuna, or whip up some simple zucchini frittatas or corn fritters for lunch. For snacks, add some sliced cheese and a handful of nuts, and for some fruity goodness, pack a container of SPC’s 25% Less Sugar Peaches.

Vietnamese-style bento box

Vietnamese food is renowned for its delicious fresh flavours and ingredients. Rice paper rolls are especially popular, and make for a great lunch for both school and lunch. Prep a week’s worth of rolls on the weekend containing fresh vegetables such as shredded carrot, cabbage, lettuce, fresh mint, a protein of your choice (think egg, tofu, lean chicken or fish), as well as some avocado for a serving of healthy fats. If you feel like going the extra mile, create a simple dipping sauce made with vinegar, lime to inject that signature Vietnamese ‘zing’. For your serving of fruit, try SPC’s 25% Less Sugar Fruit Salad, which contains pears, peaches and pineapple.

Mediterranean bento box

Take inspiration from countries on the Mediterranean with this bento-style lunchbox. Pack a tub of SPC’s 25% Less Sugar Apricots with a serving of greek yoghurt for a high-calcium snack with the goodness of SPC’s premium apricots. For lunch, create a Greek-inspired pita wrap with chicken, olives, lettuce and tzatziki, along with side extra chopped cucumber and cherry tomatoes for additional snacks.