10-12 20mins
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White Chocolate Peach and Pear Parfait



250g white chocolate

8 separated eggs

50g butter

5 tbsp. castor sugar


10 gelatin leaves soaked in cold water

500g soft whipped cream

100g SPC peaches drained

100g SPC Pear drained

200ml milk warmed

Cooking Method

Beat egg yolks vanilla and 2tbl spn sugar in a bowl until thick.

Add butter to warm milk and add to chocolate add soft gelatin stir well. Make sure all is dissolved.

Whip the cream. Fold in cream to egg, mix then fold into chocolate.

Beat whites with remaining sugar and fold into the mix.

Fill molds ½ way arrange fruit add remaining mix and freeze.

White Chocolate Peach and Pear Parfait

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