Thank you for your interest in SPC’s COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination Response Plan collateral.

The collateral pack includes SPC’s COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination Response Plan deck – a summary document that should be read first – and the following sample / template documents in Word format to assist you in preparing similar documents for your organisation:

  1. Employment and contractor agreement clauses
  2. Union questions and answers
  3. Vaccination intention survey form
  4. Vaccination letter to union
  5. Vaccination mandate staff FAQs
  6. Workplace vaccination policy
  7. Interview sheet for non-registration and no vaccination
  8. Mandatory vaccination letter to contractors
  9. Poor performance and misconduct policy
  10. Staff announcement and additional management clause
  11. Staff vaccination priority registration support letter for GPs

The collateral is current as of 18 September 2021 and is based on SPC’s experiences and learnings up to that date. We will be adding to and amending the collateral as our learnings evolve.

We hope you find these documents helpful and would be happy to discuss any of them with you. Contact details can be found in the summary document.

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